2010 Blog and Notes


Famous Cell Phone Video

IceQuake 09' hit at 12:30pm

2/07/09wind and water everywhere is this the end?.

Indy Bridge - fast current 5" of ice Zero Fish.

Saginaw Bay 6 miles north out of state park 19 foot of water. Wached well over 40 walleyes on camera but no takers. 15" of ice Only 1 loose crack 1'.

Lake Harmon
$7000 pike tourny - Feb 21st 2009. Folwer Event 2009 pike tourny

Ithe un-offical #1 Saginaw Bay /river Ice Fishing web site. I think I might even have the color underwater camera set up this year.


8/1 Michigan's own brings it home again. KVD wins the AOY again. sry skeet.

7/29/10 Ice is right around the corner- new design

7/19/10 near the mouth smoked the smallies. Even got a double

5/23/10 hit the river in the evening - alot of smallies and pike. The gar pike and carp are in thick.

5/16/10 fished the saginaw for a bit. Super fast current - garbage floating everywhere. Threw a few jigs trying to catch some bass but almost ended up with a limit of eyes


5/4/10 Hit the river in the fail boat for a while hooked up with a nice 17"ers. Afew smallies and pike.

3/14/2010 River action is So-So at best after the rain and wind. Water is super dirty High/Low. Tons of boat traffic people fishing everywhere, blowin through no-wake zones - its a circus.

2/19/10 hit the ice with the fishmichigan.net crew out of LBM hit a few spots not to far out and brought home some nice fish. A few limits were had.

2/14/10 went out for a bit, stopped by walleye base camp - sweet setup this year! Short video for you guys

2/5/10 hit the river by the B/G club in bay city. 5" of ice little bit of a current. 1 small 9"er and a scapy 14"er. Wind started to blow so I left.

pics from the swami. Get your CRACK PARTY shirt now!

1/16/10 well the is ice getting beat up pretty good with the wind, temp, run off. If you head out use caution. The coast gaurd is out again this morning out in linwood. I was at cass ave yesterday and the ice was 4" of good ice and 3" of slush on top. Current picked up pretty good.

1/6/10 The river is ice covered and fishable. Ice around the indy bridge 4" on avgarage. The bite is hot around the mouth area and the current is no-where near as bad as it was last year.

2/24/09 Ice covers just about everything, Ice at Indy is about 2-3" in most spots out a few yards. A small warm-up and rain on the way - Lets hope it does not cause to much run-off.


2/16/09 ice is staring to form everywhere, marinas are iced over. Could be ice fishing for xmas? I doubt it but soon.

11/19/2009 Hit the shore for a while in bay city and bagged a few. Jigheads and grubs did the trick today


11/10/09 We bagged a few on monday, nothing huge yet just eaters. Jigged downtown Bay City - to lazy to get minnows so we used Gulp. Water temp was still 49 degrees.

10/15/09 Jerk baits and jigs are gettin' it done. Still looking for that wall hanger. Night bite is where it is at. Went down town bay city yesterday Sun morn and alot of people fishing but only a few dink perch caught. Samething for the boats that were jiggin' They were marking fish and have bites but not alot of hook up. night bite is were it is at.

10/5/09 Shads are everywhere in the river. The river water is still 68 degrees so it has to cool off for the eyes to move in numbers. Jigged a few spots down town and action was slow.


6/7/09 Wind is still here, the river has cooled off. We did bag a few eyes jiggin gulp last week but the action is no where near what is was. The river temp is up and the catfish are really active. The bay is back on fire with alot of smallones.

3/8/09 Well the fat lady has sang today. I'm done on the bay there is some ice out there but it is getting soft and the shore ice is shot. I hope to have a little sea nymph up and running for the river opener! This season was pretty good! Vets boat launch is open! Here is a pic from last week. (pork rind)

2/22/09 Well the river is kind of skimmed over again and still full of ice chunks. It will be awhile before you can get the boats out. As for the Bay the LBM tourny was tough 18lbs won. Last night there was alot of working cracks all over linwood watch for the wind on sun. We hit the fowler pike tourny on sat came home empty

2/06/09. Well we were out there for ICEQUAKE 09' My shanty moved well over a foot.Around 12:30 it was just Insane. We were near the black hole marking fish and those cracks started to work really good. Looks like the fish are starting to head inland. There was a lot of people out there on fri out of linwood most I have ever seen. Pretty much same report morning bite sucked so the evening bite was hot. River map with bait shops and spots for the river has been download 2000 times! video 1/19/09 HERE

10/20/08 New Saginay Bay Shirts

i got ice shirt

Skunk Video Posted! 3/5/08 - 2 hours of watching fish not bite just our luck...