The run is on! 3/13/16








4/19/15 temps are not the only thing warming up


4/8/15 hardcore



The Suckers are starting to show up! 3/13/16

The flood water are coming down should be game time this weekend 3/12/16

4/1/2015 - good reports are rolling in! The Run is On!

omer 2015

5/13/14 A pretty good year this year. The run lastest longer because of the cold weather. Can't wait till next year


4/13/14 Good action on the rifle river yesterday. The run is on for sure. Everyone was catching suckers. Just watch the water level cause heavy rain has moved in. It shoukd stay under flood levels fingers crossed.

sucker tattoo

4/11/14 looks like a few warm days made the differance. Water levels are down the rain has made it muddy but the fish are here.

4/6/14 It's starting - a few sucker were caught. VERY SLOW! The weeks to come should be EPIC. Thanks to the Pine River Shop in Standish for the boots on the ground.

4/5/14 Sucker derby today 10-4 OMER, band playing at 5 come on out for some fun!! The river is open in town, flowing fast and high but its always a good time in omer.

3/23/14 The Rifle river is starting to open up! The 2014 season is about to start. Camps and nets should be starting to show up. Just keep an eye on the river flow HERE . Everything is looking good. Just hope the run off blows everything out fast and the suckers follow.

4/21/13 GHOST TOWN - maybe water levels will come down by thurs/fri (just in time for more rain) Will there be any suckers left?

4/18/13 Water super high, current super fast, debris everywhere, more rain............... Does not look good.

4/6/13 The run is on now, slowed when the wind and temp dropped but a pretty good day.

4/1/13 Still cold but a few have been caught. River was alittle fast and dirty on mon.

3/30/13 Looks like it is almost go time. A few suckers have been caught. Should start to get good soon.

3/24/13 Still tons of ice but you can find a few open spots here and there. No big run yet so your not missing anything.

3/22/13 Still colder than the Faygo in my frigde. Nets are srt up but there is still ice and snow. I'll give it another week.

3/16/13 The water levels have come down but now there are ice jams in town. Still pretty cold but one group of guys were getting a net setup.

3/12/13 The Rifle is at FLOOD stage. The ice is working it's way out. Shouldn't be to long now. Spring is here.

3/3/2013 The rifle still locked up but warm temps on the way and dip nets can go in on MArch 20th this year. GET READY! like on facebook

2/14/13 After a crappy year last year with a early run that most people missed get ready for the run early. ALSO the Michigan sucker dipping saeson starts March 20th this year instead of April 1st. Full details HERE

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3/25/12 hit the river just south of town and only caught 3 suckers for 3 hours of fishing. Green yarn got em all. The run might be over due to all the crazy weather.

3/22/12 The run has slowed, I was up in omer for over 2 hours and nothing caught. That is a frist time that has happened ever. Maybe the rain and cooler temps will bring them back or it could be over.

3/19/12 The run has started! Camps are setting up, wood is in the smokers, nets go in on the 1st.

3/15/12 The river is looking better. Still pretty high and muddy this weekend should be a good start to the run - not hundreds but a few should be caught.

3/11/12 the river is open but the water is level is at flood stage from the snow run off and wind/rain. A few people have fished it this week with zero luck. The water temps are still really low also. 2 weeks and it should be money time.

2/28/2012 The rifle is open, We will see if the suckers show up early with the warmer temps? I'm betting on the big run last few days of march.

4/9/11The water level is back down and it is not too muddy. The run is on, we hooked up with well over 100+ suckers and landed around 60. The early morning bite was crazy - It slowed down around 11:30. Hats off to the guys that put up the Miller Lite Welcome Hunters shack. Also want to give a shout-out to the 2 kids on the other side of the bank the cut up their American Eagle T-shirt to fish with the hot color. (red). With the warm temps tomorrow Sunday could be off the hook.

4/4/11 The rifle river is about 4 feet higher from Sat. The heavy rains will slow the fishing for a few days.

4/1/11The snow is starting to melt and it is getting pretty muddy. Hit the river early 8am-10am bagged 30 suckers once my lined stopped freezing.

3/28 Still cold and snow on the ground but warmer temps coming. A few suckers have been catch way up by the mouth of the rifle.


3/26/2011 The is not bad after all that snow - The water is way too cold for a big run though. A few camps are set-up but fishing is SUPER SLOW. Just keep an eye on the run-off Click Here to See Chart



3/14/2011 The river will be open any day now! Suckers will be here soon!

4/3/2010 The big RUN IS HERE! Suckers are everywhere, campers are everywhere. Fun for everyone. I have to give 2 tumbs up to the hot dog cart good stuff. The nets are also in. Get out and fish cause it could be over in a few days.

3/31/10 The run is on. Tons of suckers in the river. The banks are filled with campers and fishers.

/25/10 Windy,Cold,Cloudy but I still got a few early in the morning. Not alot of action with the cool down. Still people were out fishing just hard work today.

3/23/10 The suckers are in and the banks are full of people. Looks like the run is a little on the early side agian this year. In years past the first weekend in April was always the big run no matter what (4th-6th). Even with a run now there will still be plenty to catch for weeks. The nets go in soon!

/21/2010 Omer is heating up! Suckera have been caught still not the big but it will be soon. Will there be a sucker fising contest again? Not really sure I have not heard much. . Smoke em Shirts new for 2010!


4/4/09 The run has slowed some. Must be the rain cold snow wind and what not. Looks like this year will be a longer than normal run but slower than normal. Derby is today good luck. Stay warm - the campgrounds are packed with people having a good time. See you on the banks

/31/09 Looks like the sucker derby is back on Sat. Sign up in town to join the fun. The bite is still hot and should get better with a like warmer weather on the way.

/26/09 Hit Omer for a while early in the morn. Hooked up with 30+ suckers lost a few also. Action in town is heating up also. Seen two guys taking a hook out of an old guys face


3/21/09 Rolled through omer for an hour this morning. Hooked up with 7 and lost 3. Run is really slow yet and the water is still too cold for the big run. 2 weeks it sould be killer. Might have to spend my Easter in Omer


/17/09 Suckers have been caught! Not many but they have started to work there way up the river. Give it a few weeks and it should be the big run once the water warms up. Still a few ice chucks up there.

3/2/09 The river has started to go down and is below action stage. I had a report of a few suckers being snagged on the kawkawlin river. The action will be heating up really soon.

3/06/09 The run will start soon! The rifle still has some ice chunks from the ditches and farm drains this weekend should take care of that. With this current warm up should get the suckers active with the increased oxygen in the system. Give it a fews and suckers will be caught. 2008 Pics Here



.Omer Brings back SUCKER FEST! READ all about it below 3/28/08

fest4 fest2

NEW OMER PICS 3/26/08 (thanks WALLEYEvision of MS)


The 2008 run is about to start and the nets will be out soon. Omer Michigan is home to one of the biggest sucker runs in the state and the action heats up in early April. Pretty much anyone can catch tons of suckers on the rifle river right in town. A sinker and worms and your in business. Aniseed oil was the hot extra secret weapon last year.

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